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Funko Collection Display Hacks Courtesy of Ikea

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

Funko Pop collecting can sometimes be overwhelming! Ikea is helping out collectors display their favorite toys throughout their homes!

Photo Source: Blurred Line Photography for The VIParolaz

All Funkos collections really start as "the wall". It is that mass of pops that sits somewhere in your home or office with every single pop you own. There is no rhyme or reason to it. It's just there. But at some point in Funko collecting you reach this limit and the wall must be broken down. When we first started collecting in 2013, our wall lasted about a year before we moved out into a 2 bedroom 1 bath apartment. It was then that our collection rapidly grew and finally branched out from that infamous wall. At first we were at a loss for what do to and how to display our collections. It wasn't until we talked with other Funko collectors about how they were solving their own displaying dilemmas that we figured out some cool ways to do so. So we've put together our list of Ikea Hacks for Funko Collecting!

Oh the BILLYs! They happened to be the first set of Ikea furniture that we bought for our office and the furniture we love the most. They line up along walls perfectly. The bookcase height is great for most apartments and allows for more stacking on top depending on your ceiling height. The shelves are easy to change, move around, or remove all together based on your needs. They aren't Ikea's only bookshelves that could work for you, but they are the most clean and space saving. We even have some HERMES bookcases in our house as well. I have even seen some people take the GNEDBY bookcase and put them in the corner space of two BILLYs to give themselves more shelves. We've been asked time and time again, YES THEY MADE RED AT ONE POINT! Ikea stopped making the red ones them shortly after we bought our original set of five! Even we are disappointed because we could use some more of them!

Star Wars Collection on Lack Shelves - Photo Source: The VIParolaz

These shelves were another one of our first purchases from Ikea to show off our collection. They are heavy duty, thick, sleek but need to be properly installed in studs. Once you have installed them correctly though, these babies will hold A LOTTON of pops! We have always used two shelves to hold our entire Star Wars collection which totals around 160+ Funko items and Pops. LACK is one of the few shelves Ikea makes that can hold rides, 10 inch pops, and movie moments! The other shelves we will touch on in a minute can only handle regular 6 inch pops. LACK shelves come in either long or short length. The short ones have been great for collections like Supernatural, Bob's Burgers, and Harry Potter that have single or very few larger pops. LACK does have an open shelving unit that's pretty cool, but we've yet to get one for our house though!

These shelves are a Pop Collector's best friend. They are technically meant to hold picture frames but they hold 6 inch pops perfectly! They come in two sizes and are quite easy to install. We have over 17+ of these currently in our house. We string them together in long stretches. We've places them in nooks and crannies. They work great above windows. They are absolutely amazingly versatile. You can stack pops up quite nicely but be aware they won't be 100% stable. If you live in earthquake country like us, make sure you take precautions to protect your most valuable pops from falling large distances.

These cabinets are amazing for showing off your prized pieces of your collection or keeping things safe. We honestly wish they came in variety of sizes so we could have more of them. We have some friends who use these as their main way to display their collection. We use ours currently for our prototype collection. It keeps dust off all the pops and allows things to be showcased in a 360 degree way if you really wanted to. The plastic risers aren't available at Ikea, they can be found on Amazon though.

The Kallax Family, in general, is something we have a lot in our house! We use them for pops, lego displays, and household item storage. They come in a variety of different sizes and can be used literally anywhere! They are extremely versatile as well. You can put shelves, drawers, buckets, and even doors on specific squares if you want. These are the pieces of furniture that always get moved in last because they get put in the empty spots. Our DC collection is currently being housed in the largest one they make and it's just finally starting to out grow it! We have multiple 2x4s throughout our house as well and the multi sized box piece is our television stand. Our Ghostbuster collection works really well with it!

all these things without having to dust everything every all the time. Ikea also sells these amazing click on lights that you can attach to the top of each shelve to add lighting. They do offer string colored lighting as well but that does take a little more effort and preplanning when you are putting the cabinet together.

Everyone is different and likes to show off their collection in variety of ways. We've really enjoyed going on Instagram and seeing the unique ways people are coming up with the space they have available. Some of them are absolutely gorgeous and imaginative. It doesn't really matter if you are an out of box collector or an inbox collector, I think you can appreciate a good Funko Display. Comment below with your favorite Ikea piece that you use and tag your Funko collections with #TheVIParolaz so we can see how you decorate with your Funko collection!


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