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2020 Parola Podcast Episodes

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

2020 was the year of the podcasts. With all this extra time on our hands, people either started listening to podcasts, upped their podcast intake, or even started their own podcast. I jumped back on the podcast bandwagon with The Game of Nerds' podcast. When we initially began in 2013, we were a podcast on youtube for a couple of episodes and then quickly switched to a blogging format. I had promised the TGON staff that I would resurrect it for close to a year now. 2020 and Marvel just happened to be the push I needed to kick my butt into gear. It was nice to schedule a time to chat with friends and talk about the nerdy stuff we love. You check out all the episodes of The Game of Nerds Podcast here. There is even an entire Funko Episode with Andy and Jon, AKA Car RamRod. The Game of Nerds wasn't the only podcast we worked on this year, Andy and I even guested on a few. Here is the complete line up of all the Parola Family's podcast episodes this year.

The T-Hud Popcast - St. Parola's Day - I jump back into the nerd world and podcasting with my friends Leland and Moby after a longer than intended maternity leave. This episode was recorded right before lockdown started, and lives were going to change. It was my third time on their podcast. The conversation is mostly about collections, collecting, and blogging.

Andy and I talked about life as first-time parents with a childcare background and the lessons we've learned this year. The most important one being communication.

Strive to Elevate Podcast: Child Care, Montessori Learning, and Sensory Play with Shannon Parola - I sit down with host and first-time mom Madelin to talk about my experience transitioning from being a nanny to mom. I even break down some new parenting terms like "Montessori Method" and "Sensory Play" and how they are essential.

Stop Sucking at Business Podcast: Season 3 Episode 22: The Mother of Necessity: Creating a Nanny Consulting Business during COVID with Shannon Parola - I chat with Megan about pivoting my nanny career into a childcare business due to COVID and how my learning experiences with The Game of Nerds helped along the way.

Nanny ABC Episode 17: Shannon Parola VIP Childcare Nerd - In this podcast episode, I sit down with my new Nanny BFF Danny and talk about all things motherhood and nannying. I remind nannies that they don't need to know it all and that networking is essential.

While we may be only a couple of days away from 2021, we've been doing plenty of schedulings and recordings already to start January off with a bang. Trust me; there will be more podcasting content coming, whether it's nerdy or childcare based.


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