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No one knows the nanny life better than a fellow career nanny. So let me help you level up your nanny game! I've spent 15+ years working in the Silicon Valley Bay Area as a nanny, babysitter, newborn care specialist, and family manager. I've worked with a multitude of different families, lifestyles, and situations. I've done the part-time nanny hustle while juggling other jobs and school. I've also mastered full time 40+ hour crazy weeks with high tech executives. I even built a second business while nannying! Anything is possible when you set your mind to it. 

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i love helping fellow nannies realize their potential and become the ultimate super nanny!

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I help nannies:

  • Navigate the childcare and nanny industry during the current childcare crisis

  • Identify their perfect nanny position or long-term goals

  • Realize their worth and value in the services they provide

  • Improve resume, portfolio, and interview skills

  • Find ways to further their childcare knowledge through education or additional certifications

  • Get insight into parent's heads and thought patterns

  • Create age-appropriate schedules and activity plans for kids

  • Discuss common childcare questions or concerns

  • Acts as a mediator for the difficult nanny and family discussions

  • Resolve current nanny family problems and get advice from an experienced nanny and mom boss

  • Understand their options when they are transitioning out of the industry or expecting their own child. 

WHAt PEOPLE are SAying...

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Morgan, Nanny

Shannon is the BEST nanny coach. She doesn't sugar coat it and gives invaluable insight when it comes to the nanny/mom boss relationship. I love that I can book sessions with her at my convenience. 

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Deborah, Nanny 

Shannon was able to answer all my questions and more in 30 minutes. All of her input was extremely helpful in landing my next nanny position! 

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Danielle, Nanny & Mom

Very helpful! She gave great advice! She gave me new ideas and was very inspiring! Clearly very knowledgeable and passionate!

Recommend highly !

If you're ready to level up your nanny game, schedule time
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