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Harry Potter Funko Collection

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

Grab your wands! Hide your gold and jewels from the Niffler! We are diving into our Harry Potter Collection!

Harry Potter Collection Photo Source: The VIParolaz

Harry Potter holds a really special place in my heart. My grandfather bought me my first copy of the book and took me to see every movie. We watched all the movies and I re-read him the books while he went through dialysis and eventually as he went into hospice. So the Harry Potter collection is really my tribute to him. Andy has recently has gotten into the Wizarding World with the Fantastic Beasts Series!

Harry Potter Train Rides - Photo Source: The VIParolaz

One of our first rides we ever collected was the Harry Potter trains. They are one of my favorite things ever! Right now they one of the few pops from my collections that are out of box. I personally hate dusting them all but they are just WAY cooler out of box. One of my favorite pops in this collection has to be Luna Lovegood with her glasses. It's an SDCC exclusive from 2017. Luna holds a special place in my heart for her "You're just as sane as I am" quote. Another favorite has to be the Boggart as Snape. That piece came out just after Alan Rickman passed away and released as a 2017 New York Comic Con exclusive. Snape was my grandfather's favorite character and that Boggart scene had him in crying from laughter. Also, GIANT DOBBY needs no explanation of why he's my favorite except for maybe our letter board sign!

Funko Dobby and Letter Board - Photo Source: The VIParolaz

There are two signed Harry Potter pops in my collection. One is signed by Tom Felton at Silicon Valley Comic Con in 2017. It was my first Harry Potter pop to have signed and he really enjoyed drawing all over the box. The following year at SVCC, Matthew Lewis was in attendance so I got my Neville signed! He wasn't surprised that Tom "defaced" my pop!

My absolute weakness in the HP Collection has to be the creatures! The new Fantastic Beast sequel creatures that Funko has released has me thinking about how I am going rearranging everything to make it fit. My first creatures I ever acquired was the three pack Cornish Pixie, Mandrake & Grindylow (3-Pack) that was an 2016 SDCC exclusive followed by the Occamy and the Niffler. The newest HP releases are equally amazing. The Cat McGongall is a must have for any collection. As well as that Giant 10 inch Niffler and baby niffler two pack, I've honestly been squealing about since they were announced! Which new Harry Potter and Fantastic Beast pops are you post excited about? What are you looking for? Comment below or let us know on social media!


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