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Kids in Preschool

Are You Ready

To Solve Your Childcare Needs?

Do you know you need to find childcare, but you're feeling stuck, overwhelmed, and unsure of all your available options?

Imagine being able to learn about all your childcare options in one guide, so that you can make a decision that allows your family to thrive.

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CHOOSING          101



 Choosing Childcare 101 is the first guide of it's kind available to parents, that teaches different   childcare methods available so that you can determine the best route for your family. 

By the end of the guide, you will have your questions answered, a list of childcare options that interest you, and a ton of stress relief! 

So what's included in Choosing Childcare 101?

  • 45+ page PDF created by The VIParolaz Childcare Coach, Shannon Parola, & The Nanny Village owner, Marquis Anne

  • How Covid Has Impacted Childcare

  • Childcare Assessment and Worksheet

  • A Breakdown of All Available Childcare Options in the United States, Including the Various Types of Private In-Home Childcare

  • Tips and Tricks With Different Childcare Options

  • Traveling with Childcare

  • A Guide to the Childcare Process

  • How a Nanny Agency Can Help You

  • Common Things Parents Forget When Hiring a Nanny

  • Entire Page Dedicated to Special Needs Childcare

  • Unlock Exclusive Choosing Childcare Special Offers

are you ready to figure out childcare so your family can thrive?

what about the investment?

I know, we're all thinking the same thing: how much?

Choosing Childcare 101 is only $30!

 You read that right, only $30! 

Before you close out the window, we challenge you to do 3 things:

buy it.   try it.   apply it.

Choosing Childcare 101 is a method we've used with hundreds of clients and our own families.
We truly believe this information helps parents understand childcare. 

 .    .    .    .    .    .    .    . 

As moms ourselves, we understand first-hand how challenging and stressful it is to find quality and reliable childcare and to choose the best option for our families.

This guide was created to support you and your unique family, especially during this unprecedented time when the entire world is struggling as a direct result of the COVID pandemic. Between shutdowns, school closures, childcare wait lists, and balancing Zoom meetings, many families have been unsure of their options.

So we combined our mom powers and experience in the childcare industry to create this groundbreaking guide that gives you everything you need to know in just one place.

 .    .    .    .    .    .    .    . 

this Guide is perfect for those who are:

1. Seeking guidance on where to start their childcare journey

2. Seeking to learn all of the available childcare options based on their family's needs

3. Seeking to learn the process of hiring a licensed facility or hiring a private childcare giver

Whether you're planning a return to work, a veteran parent, or expecting a new addition to your family, this informative childcare guide is for YOU!

finding childcare is a process.

it won't be solved in 1 day or 1 week.

Once you understand the process and options, you will be able to do it again and again.

DON'T LET ANOTHER overwhelming year OF inconsistent AND unreliable CHILDCARE GO BY. IT'S TIME TO be empowered TO choose childcare THAT WILL HELP YOUR FAMILY thrive.

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