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Car RamRod Takes Over SVCC 2019

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

Funko Super Troopers Cosplay

Our newest Funko Pop Box Cosplays #3 and #4 have officially been released at Silicon Valley Comic Con this weekend. They are Super Troopers characters Farva (Andy Parola) and Ramathorn (Jon Hicks) . Although we had an amazing time in cosplay, the convention it self was quite lack luster. We heard a lot of complaints and you can read a majority here in my review on The Game of Nerds. I'm going to talk specifically about our experiences at the convention because we had some great and interesting interactions. I have to though give a massive shout out to Tamer and our brother Richard for all their help this weekend. It was hard enough covering a show eight months pregnant, but having to follow two cosplay boxes would have made it a nightmare. Thanks to them I was able to cover the convention, get the photos I needed, and not land my booty at the doctors for another IV session.

Just like years previous, we were smart enough to pick up all our passes on Friday and do a walk through without the boxes. Honestly, when we got there at 4pm the floor was completely dead. None of the actors were out and vendors were still getting set up. It was a great way to get a lay of the land and a game plan started for the weekend though. We were able to get Donal Logue from Gotham while we there but that was the only celebrity we saw the entire day.

The VIParolaz Funko Pops Signed at SVCC 2019

We returned on Saturday in our Funko Box cosplay. Thankfully we were able to get in early due to Press Passes, but they still didn't open the doors until 10am. We did a lot of walking around and taking photos with people. Andy's main goal was to hit Jason Momoa first thing so that he could get his autograph. While the boys were asked to stand at the opening of the doors, they managed to sneak in and get 3rd in General Admission line for Jason Momoa. It took close to an hour for us to meet him but it was well worth it. He throughly enjoyed the cosplay and looked forward to seeing us later at the photo op. We then went and met up with Ray Fisher and Ben McKenzie before stopping for lunch! After lunch, we did have a photo op scheduled with Jason Momoa. Andy asked me seven different times if I wanted him in the picture, because he originally bought the photo op just for me. Since Jason loved the cosplay so much, I couldn't deny my husband a second meeting with Aquaman. When I walked in I joked with him, "This one is going in baby girl's room, so make it your best." He laughed, took off his hat, and asked if he could rub my belly. Thus how we got this awesome picture! It was then we decided to give the boys a rest from the boxes and walk around. The cosplay contest wasn't until 6pm at night and they had been in the boxes since 9am. The cosplay contest was chaos but really fun. We met so many amazing cosplayers and the Funko Pop Boxes won "Audience Favorite." It was a great way to cap off an extremely long day.

The VIParolaz with Jason Momoa at SVCC 2019

On Sunday, we arrived at the same time we did on Saturday. We were planning on having a much shorter day then before so we wanted to get in as many fan photos as possible. Thus we come to our weirdest and infuriating experience with a celebrity. Andy had been putting off getting Lou Ferrigno's signature for awhile now. He finally decided that morning that he was going to get his signature. On Saturday, we had saw his sign and it clearly said $40 for autograph. When Andy got up to his table it was just Lou, no handler, manager, or even sign. He told us it was $40 for an autograph, but when we pulled out our Funko pop he immediately went, "All Funkos are $100 per signature." My husband was absolutely shocked and started to decline due to price. While we love the Hulk, he's not worth $100 for a signature. We had just paid $100+ for Jason Momoa. So my husband says unfortuantely that's not what he was expecting and he was low on cash. In the most unprofessional way possible, Lou asks "Well how much money do you have?" Our faces were absolutely in shock, who asks this? We politely told him how much we were willing to spend and that we had over 1,000+ Marvel pops we weren't willing to sell. He reluctantly agreed to sign it for the lower price. We left his table all saying "WTF just happened?" We had never been in a situation like that and it frankly left a sour taste in our mouth.

The VIParolaz with Alania Huffman aka Queen of Hell

While the boys walked around getting photos with fans, I got James and Oliver Phelps autograph on our Weasley Twin Funko Pops. I even got a photo and autograph with the Queen of Hell herself, Alaina Huffman. It was great to talk to her about being a mom and how amazing she is. After doing some more rounds around the convention floor, we called it an event and started to head home. On our way out, we had the greatest conversation with Legion M and their founders. All in all, the convention was a 3/10, but the cosplays made it well worth it. We hope that SVCC will take all the suggestions and comments to heart to make 2020 the best year yet.


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