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The Unofficial Funko Dictionary

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

The Unofficial Funko Dictionary

Not sure what a term means on Funko boards? Trying to not look like a newbie? We've gathered a list of Funko Lingo and defined it for you! Let us know if there is another term we should add to the list. All terms are in alphabetical order.

4 inch - standard size of Funko Pops

6 inch - size of certain Funko Pops depending on character

10 inch - the "giant" size Funko Pops. These pops have all been exclusive to specific stores like Target.

Chase - a Funko pop with chase sticker and is limited in quantities made. Usually the chase pop will be a variation of a common pop. Older chases were 1 in 36 while newer chases are 1 in 6 chance.

Common Pop - a Funko pop that is readily available from a major line. This pop can usually be found at multiple stores and in large quantities.

Convention Exclusive - a Funko Pop that is sold at a specific convention like Emerald City Comic Con (Spring), San Diego Comic Con (Summer), or New York Comic Con (Fall).

Disney Parks Exclusive - a Funko Pop that is sold only through or at a Disney Park like Disneyland and Disney World.

Flipper - a person who goes out of their way to buy multiple pops that are in demand only to turn around and sell them for a much larger amount to make profit.

Flocked - a Funko Pop that has been made fuzzy. Usually these pops are exclusives or limited editions.

FS/FT - For Sale / For Trade

Freddy Funko - the mascot for Funko

Funatic - a Funko Fan

Funkast - social media related show created by Funko to share news and answer fans questions

Fundays - a Funko event in San Diego, California held every summer during SDCC.

Funko HQ - a place in Everett, Washington where Funko not only has a store but does all it's business

Funko Pop Up Shop - is where you can purchase Funko-Shop exclusives every Wednesday at 11am Pacific time. Releases have also launched on Mondays and Fridays, as well as during the 12 Days of Christmas every December 1-12.

Funko Shop Exclusive - a Funko Pop that is sold only through the Funko store in Everett, Washington or on

GITD - Glow in The Dark. Usually these pops are exclusives, limited editions, or chases.

Grail - an item on your Funko list that you want very much, usually of higher sentimental or dollar value.

In Box Collector - a Funko collector who prefers to have his collection in box. These boxes are usually protected and in mint condition.

LE - Limited Edition. These Funko pops are usually exclusives and sold in very limited numbers. Ex: 1 of 24, 1 of 40, 1 of 480, etc.

Mint - usually used to describe a perfect condition Funko pop and box.

Movie Moment - a Funko pop scene depicting a part in a famous movie

Mystery Box - where a specific stores sells a box with a random pop(s) inside and you have a chance of getting one of many pops.

OOB - Out of Box Collector: someone who prefers to collect their Funko Pops without boxes.

PPG - Pop Price Guide: an online guide that shows the current value of specific Funko pops for buying, selling, and trading

Prototype - the original artist mold that was used to create the final pop form. They have no paint on them and can come in a variety of colors. Some have a great amount of detail and others have very little. They are very rare and expensive to come by.

Pop Ride - a Funko Pop that is placed in a vehicle from that pop's franchise.

Scrapper - a pop that has been pulled from the manufacturing garbage or stripped of paint to be passed off as a prototype

Shelfie - a picture taken of a Funko collection shelf or display

Stashpedia - an online guide that shows the current value of specific Funko pops for buying, selling, and trading

Store Exclusive - a Funko pop that is sold through a specific store. These pops are usually a variation of a common and can be limited in numbers.

Subscription Box - a box bought through specific retailers from Funko that are franchise specific and contain exclusive pops, pop rides, movie moments along with other Funko merchandise

Vaulted - when a Funko pop is no longer being made and is now harder to find


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