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Funko Ghostbuster Collection

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

Who you Gonna Call? - Ghostbusters

Ghostbuster Funko Collection via The VIParolaz

Ghostbusters has to be one of my favorite Halloween movies to watch besides Beetlejuice! It was one of the first nerd movies my Dad introduced me to along side Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Star Trek. So it came as no surprise when I basically made Andy hunt me down all the Ghostbusters pops. They were the first of my own Funko collections! I will preface this now and say, I do not have any of the new reboot movie pops. When those were released, I had to make the ultimate decision between Game of Thrones and Ghostbusters. You can tell who won that fight, but it hasn't stopped me from adding more to the collection along the way.

The Ghostbusters collection has always surrounded our television in the living room. It has always worked with that awkward sized KALLAX we use as our tv stand. It houses all our cable and gaming systems. The entire collection fits well in that piece and all the extras fit nicely on the LACK shelf above the TV. If you haven't checked out our Funko Ikea Hack post, check it out here! In our last home, we had a limited edition 30th anniversary poster from Think Geek but that's currently in storage with some other memorabilia. We did get to hang up our original art drawing from Funko friend, Travis Denman. I really do love how Andy hung Slimer this time around. No one really notices him until you sit down on the couch to watch tv. Slimer is actually a Halloween decoration from the Spirit Halloween store, but we never put him away. I was quite impressed with the new Ghostbuster themed decorations Spirit had available this year. There are two Ghostbuster Stay Puft Hikaris that made it into our collection, Rainbow and Burnt. They were two that I couldn't resist on having! To finish the entire collection off, we also have the Lego Ghostbusters House and the 30th anniversary Lego Ghostbusters set as well to fill in spaces that pops would not fit.

Some great items to note in this collection includes:

* Toy Toko Exclusive Ecto 1 from NYCC

* Venkman & Slimer Two Pack SDCC Exclusive

* Glow in the Dark Slimer SDCC Exclusive

* Ghostbusters Team 4 Pack Marshmallow Splattered SDCC Exclusive

There are certain characters in your life that make a huge impact. The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man is one of those characters. In my list of Best Villains Ever, he's right up there with Loki from Avengers and Hades from Hercules. When I first started the collection, I had to have every version of him that was humanly possible. Honestly, if I could some how put the inflatable Stay Put Man on my patio. I would in a heartbeat, but I know the leasing office and my neighbors would hate me. That giant ball of Marshmallow goo has my heart right there with Slimer. My favorite version of him that we have has to be the Burnt Hot Topic Exclusive or the Glow in the Dark SDCC exclusive.

Unlike a lot of our other pop collections, this is one of the few collections without any actor signatures. I'm hoping to attend Ghostbusters Fest in 2019 down in Southern California to get some of my pops signed! If you ever find a super cool version of a Stay Puft make sure you tag TheVIParolaz! Let me know your favorite Ghostbusters pops in the comment!


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