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A Funko Christmas

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

It's definitely looking like Christmas in the Parola house. If it was up to Andy there would be Christmas decorations up before Halloween is over. Thankfully, we have a solid rule that he has to wait till at least Thanksgiving to start decorating. Our house is already quite full of Funko Pops, to begin with so it's really tough to find extra room to put MORE pops out. We usually go with tons of Christmas Lights strung through the multiple collections. It often rivals Joyce Byers House on Stranger Things without the Alphabet drawn on the wall and a Demogorgon running around. The traditional wreath and potted poinsettias grace our front door. We also take out all our Christmas Funko Pops from storage and place them in a display out of the box on the bar top. Funko does an awesome 12 Days of Christmas drop every year as well that includes all never released limited edition pops.

We were extremely lucky to get a chance to obtain one of the 12 Day of Christmas Funko bundles. We were actually getting our Stone Keeper signed by Ross Marquand at HVFF/WSC San Jose in his Hopper Box when the bundle dropped. Ross was super nice about everything as Andy was frantically trying to get one on his phone. When Andy came back the following day as Logan, Ross actually asked him "Did you get what you were ordering?" High fives were given all around! If you didn't get the bundle during that first drop, collectors had to be ready for the next 12 days to get the new item being dropped by Funko each day. While not everything released during the Funko 12 Days of Christmas was our "cup of tea", we were able to make deals with friends who really needed them in their collection. All the others will find a home in our collection somewhere. This year's bundle included:

  • The Teletubbies Individually Packaged

  • Elf with Raccoon

  • Christmas CareBear

  • Spastic Plastic Flaky and Egor Elf 2-Pack

  • Elf Betty Boop with Pudgy

  • Holiday Retro Freddy Funko

  • FunkO's Christmas Cereal

  • Chilly Willy Frozen

  • Red Chrome Batman

  • Orange and Red Mickey Mouse

  • Pillsbury Dough Boy

  • Knick Knack from Pixar

Our Christmas Funko Collection is quite small, but it's pieces we really love. Our oldest pieces include the Santa and the A Christmas Story's Sheriff Ralphie and The Old Man. Andy's favorite Christmas movies growing up were A Christmas Story and Christmas Vacation. So it wasn't a surprise when Clark Griswold and Cousin Eddie came home the following year. As a nanny to multiple households, I'm often required to move the families' elves around the house. Thus how the Red Elf came into our lives. Elf all happens to be one of Andy and I's favorite newer Christmas movie, so the collection of Elf Pops is something we've been working on each year. We were really stoked to see that one of the 12 Days of Christmas items was Buddy with Raccoon. The Marvel Pops are all Holiday pops that were pulled out of the regular Marvel collection in the office to make room for other variants to be showcased year round. Even that collection is getting too big for its one room. Do you have a Christmas Funko Display? We really love seeing how creative people get with their Christmas displays, so please tag us in yours! Nothing is ever too small! Happy Holidays from our family to yours!


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