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Tiny Ghosts Are Here To Stay

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

Many people know us for collecting Funko pops, but we recently jumped into the Tiny Ghost game at my constant persistence. I have always been a huge fan of the cute little vinyl figures, but never really had the opportunity to grab any of them. These piece are meant to be for "out of box" collectors since the boxes are all the same. It is probably the only complete collection we have that's out in the open in our home much to my OCD's dismay. Due to there limited numbers, affordability, and serious cuteness, most can see why Tiny Ghosts have become the newest hot collectors item.

Tiny Ghosts via The VIParolaz

These adorable ghosts are brain child of toy designer Reis O'Brien. After spending years creating Funko pops and being their Design Manager, he decided to create his own line with BIM Toys. In 2013, the world met the first Tiny Ghost and twenty one more variants soon followed. These simple vinyls stand five inches tall and have those same Funko eyes we've grown to love. While most variants stick to the Halloween/Horror theme, there are variants like the "Bomb Pop" or "Bubblegum" that break the theme. For NYCC this year, there were a Kitty and Puppy Silver and Gold set made. At one point, there also was a blind box Tiny Ghost custom release made by Reis himself with Sharpie but those were limited to only twelve. This year there was a release of twelve mini versions of favorite variants as blind bags. When Tiny Ghost variants are generally released by BIM Toys, they are limited to only 300 pieces per variant for $30 a piece. The Minis were sold as a box of 12 blind bags for $12. Thus making them very hard to get when they sell out in mere minutes.

We recently had the opportunity to purchase an original "OG" Tiny Ghost and a box of blind bag minis through Plastic Empire. I knew that I will never be able to get the previously released ones. I'm too late to the Tiny Ghost collecting game for that, but this was going to be my best shot to possibly get SOMETHING. When we were waiting for them to go live, I was trying not to get my hopes up. We had tried previously through BIM Toys multiple times with no luck. Usually they sell out in immediately and are then on eBay for three times the price. So when I scored not only a set of minis but an OG Ghost as well, my day was made. I was also stoked to get them before Halloween so I could put them out on display. I originally received two silver mini ghost in my bling bag box which I sold to get the "Road Rash" one I was missing. I am absolutely in love with these little ghosts and so glad I have a complete set of minis! I honestly can't wait for new ones to be released! We recently saw BIM's Instagram post about a "Nerd Ghost" and I will HAVE to have that one. It screams The Game of Nerds! Are you collecting Tiny Ghosts? Let us know in the comments and tag us on Instagram so we can see your collection!


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