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The VIParolaz are Heading to ECCC!

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

Poppin' Hopper is coming to ECCC!

We've been quiet on the blog front for the last few weeks. It's only because we've been silently freaking out over planning a massive road trip in a little over a month in a half. While we weren't originally planning to attend Emerald City Comic Con this year, when you are presented with free tickets and they ask for the Pop Box, there is no saying no. Honestly, we don't get to travel much at all. Our last vacation was our honeymoon and the dogs came with us. The vacation before that was Disneyland in 2007. As most everyone knows, our adorably blind dog Crush McLovin is diabetic and requires twice-daily insulin shots. He's gotten quite particular on who gives him those shots in his old age and gets quite snappy about it. At the end of the day, we worry about him more than anything else. Thus why both hellhounds accompanied us on our Honeymoon to Yosemite, California. It was either take them with us or stay at home. We figured ECCC was a once in a lifetime experience, so we started planning our trip just before my birthday.

Since we have the dogs and the Pop Box, we are obviously driving from our hometown in San Jose, California to Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle, Washington. We've already found a great Air BNB in Seattle to stay in and are currently working on where we are going to stop on the way there and back. There is no way we would be able to do the drive in one completely stretch. Andy's mom aka "Grammie" is flying in to watch Crush and Coco at the Air BNB and spend some much needed time with us. This is a huge relief off our shoulders because usually at conventions we are constantly worrying about them. As a member and admin to many Funko related Facebook groups, Andy will be out attending lots of events as well as the convention. We are also planning to get in a trip to Funko HQ as well, if possible. As we get closer, I will be sure to share with everyone the details of where you can meet up with us at. We definitely want to meet up with everyone and get plenty of pictures.

I will be going to cover the convention for The Game of Nerds and making sure Andy gets around safely in the box. Most conventions when we bring out the pop box's we get swarmed. With Hopper, there were a few hours there were we literally only moved two feet. Most people don't realize that Andy can't hear a single thing unless you are directly in front of him. If you need to get his attention, there are always two people with him who can help you out. Plus we really don't want the box touched at all. We had a lot of people in previous conventions who would just come up and start grabbing at the opening to see inside or start touching the back of the box. We don't mind if you want to take pictures and ask questions about our cosplay. Just please be respectful and make sure you don't touch the box. If you take a picture with us, don't forget to tag us! We love re-sharing your photos throughout the year!

One thing of the last things that has yet to be figured out is all the yummy gluten free places that I need to try on the way to and from Seattle. As someone with Celiac Disease, traveling to new places can be very scary and anxiety provoking. Especially if you get sick and you aren't around your normal team of doctors or hospitals who know you best. Once glutenated, my entire trip could be over. So I would love any Celiac Approved and Safe places I need to try! I've been already pulling some lists from various websites to start researching and calling. I always like traveling with a list of approved places that I will be near. I plan on doing a write up of some of my favorite places after we get back along with a detailed account of our adventure. We honestly can't wait and feel like the rest of this month will be by in a flash! Let us know what your favorite places are in Seattle! ECCC Here We Come!


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