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Outsourcing Household Help

It's no secret that parents are overwhelmed. As a childcare professional, I see a lot of parents trying to hire nannies or mother's helpers who will also tackle the household tasks. While this isn't uncommon, the childcare industry sees that nannies and mother's helpers aren't being compensated for these additional tasks on top of childcare. There have been instances in my childcare coaching sessions where it was clear that the family didn't need a nanny or even a mother's helper. Instead, they needed to outsource these jobs to the right companies or people. While some of these resources are daily, weekly, or monthly, the money spent will help take things off your plate and make your house run more efficiently. Here are some ways parents can get help around the house that don't involve childcare or add to your nanny's job responsibilities:

  • Cleaners - In almost every childcare or mothers survey done with parents, we find that cleaning the house is the top task they need help with. While nannies will do child-related clean-up like tidying up the playroom or cleaning up dishes after a meal with the kids. If you are looking for someone to deep clean your house or keep it fresh weekly, hiring a house cleaner is your best option. Cleaners can come to your home at various frequencies weekly, biweekly, or monthly.

  • Laundry Services - The second thing parents need help with the most in the surveys is the dreaded laundry pile. Even I understand this frustration and have resorted to designating one day a week to get it all done to be more efficient. Once again, most nannies will deal with child-related laundry but will draw the line once the rest of the families' laundry gets involved. So if you are struggling in the laundry department, there are dry cleaners and laundry mats that offer washing and folding by the pound.

  • Dog Walker - We all love our family pets, but they are a time commitment. Especially if you have a high-energy breed that needs tons of walks or a puppy who likes to cause mischief. Like cleaning tasks, pet care would have to be negotiated into a nanny contract and compensated extra for the task. From a nanny's point of view, it's hard enough to go on a walk and care for children, but adding a new puppy to the mix is always another level of chaos. As a childcare coach, I often tell parents to outsource this task. Many dog walkers are also trainers to help your new furry friend, and dog walkers, in general, are an excellent way for your dog the 1:1 they probably need.

  • Chef/Meal Services - Meal prepping and cooking is another task parents often stress about. Half the battle is keeping the fridge and pantry stocked, and the other half is planning a menu and executing the cooking. Parents can outsource and help themselves by hiring a personal chef or consider rotating meals service. TONS of local and national meal services offer family, allergy, and health-conscious options.

  • Professional Organizer - You know those Pinterest and Instagram perfectly organized pantries and closets we all love? You can have that too. For some parents, the clutter has become overwhelming. Maybe you've just moved and don't even know where to begin? The best way to tackle this mess is to find a professional organizer to get your problem area uncontrol. This can include organizing, donating, and storing anything in your house. Pick a house area driving you insane, and let an organizer help you conquer the mess.

  • Personal Assistant/Household Manager - This job is often tacked onto nanny positions when the children enter school. Parents need both help around the house and childcare for those odd hours. So it's a perfect way for nannies to keep their full-time hours and be employed with the same family as long as they are appropriately compensated. We've also seen parents seek out personal assistants or household managers specifically to help them, not the kids. It's the ultimate way to have a second pair of hands in your life and ensure everything is running smoothly.

  • Use The Apps - Technology has come a long way in just two years. As a mom, my super weapon is the drive-up feature. Marvel and I can knock out 3-4 stores in an hour and never leave the car. As a childcare coach, I tell parents to use these various apps to their advantage. Almost every store now has drive-up or some form of in-store pick-up. Create your lists at home. Do your shopping and check out. Then pick it up when it's convenient for you. This is especially great for grocery shopping or you are short on time.

As a parent, I know we are being stretched to our limits. I hope this article helped you see ways you can help your family by outsourcing household tasks that take up your precious time. If you are unsure of what help you need, please don't hesitate to set up a free 30-minute consultation so we can get you in the right direction.


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