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15 National Nanny Recognition Week Celebration Ideas

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

Every third week in September is dedicated to recognizing nannies and the amazing work that they do. As a nanny and mom, I know how much magic and help nannies bring to the families that they work for. Nannies are the most adaptable and flexible childcare out there, but being a nanny is no easy job. It can cause high levels of stress and burnout. Families should appreciate their nannies throughout the year, but you do not want to be the employer who misses National Nanny Recognition Week. So here are some great ideas to make this week special for your nanny:

* A card with a special thought-out response from the parent or kids

* Have the kids create something special for the nanny. This could be an art project or a special video they create.

* Gift cards to their favorite foods, shopping, or coffee spot

* Cash Bonus/Gift

* Paid Day Off, Half Day, or Early Release - Remember, in all these events you are still paying your nanny for the full/half day and not taking from their sick or PTO.

* Spa Day - Massage, Manicure, Pedicure, Facial are all great options to pamper your nanny.

* Personalized Travel Mugs (for all the coffee) - Stanley and Yeti are my top favorites!

* Memory Book - This is a great one, especially if your nanny has been with you a while. Seeing how much the kids have grown in the nanny's care over the years is an amazing moment of gratefulness as a parent.

* Purchase educational development like Nannypalooza or certifications like Newborn Care or Montessori.

* Tickets to a concert or sports event

* INA Membership - The INA is the official nanny association for United States and a great way for your nanny to learn more about the industry and standards.

* Nanny Merchandise like Nanny Tees or Nanny Pins from Clearly Nanny

* Gift Basket or Monthly Subscription Boxes

* Get their car cleaned and detailed

* Share a meal - This is a tradition I always had with my nanny kids. We would go out to eat out and celebrate "another year with Shanny".

Remember, the goal of National Nanny Recognition week is to show your nanny how much your family loves and appreciates your nanny. We all know that life would be a lot harder without them. If you need additional help with National Nanny Recoginition Week or nannies in general, I offer free 30 minute consults to all new clients here!


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