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Candytopia San Francisco

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

San Francisco has always captured Andy's and I's heart. We are die hard Giant fans and it's home to some of my favorite gluten free restaurants. We try and plan as many date nights as we can with fun activities, concerts, comedy nights, etc. I was lucky enough to score tickets for the first weekend Candytopia was was open for myself, Andy, my brother Justin and his girlfriend, Lyndsey. Let me just say it's a very big difference from the Museum of Ice Cream (MOIC) just a short block away. We went to the MOIC last October when it opened and none of us were huge fans. It was hot, overcrowed, and not very allergy friendly. I had heard great things about how allergen friendly this one was so I had to jump on it.

First off, the rooms are kept at a great ratio so you don't feel claustrophobic. This ensures that you can also take awesome photos with your group. At the Museum of Ice Cream, we left a lot of rooms early because it got too hot or it was impossible to get a picture. Once you enter a room in Candytopia though, you are not allowed to go back so make sure you take all the photos you want before you move on. Each room had a different theme, sample, and various candy displays. Each sample was labeled with allergy warnings but I highly suggest double checking the labels yourself. They had one item the said was "gluten free" and it clearly said made with wheat on the actual food label. Out of the entire thing there was only 3 samples I couldn't eat!

It was absolutely amazing to see some of the stuff that was created by Candytopia's genius candy stylist Jackie Sorkin. This entire event was put together in collaboration with business partners Zac Hartog and John Goodman. I honestly have never seen anything like it in my life. My favorite exhibits had to be all the murals and of course the Marshmallow Pit! The Under the Sea exhibit was really awesome as well considering the walls were made of candy too! Once you go through the entire place you are dumped out into the retail shop where you can buy more candy or clothing apparel. Honestly we went through at 11AM and by the time we left the last thing we wanted to think about was candy. We pigged out WAY TOO MUCH! If you haven't gotten a chance to check out Candytopia, you can still get tickets for San Francisco and New York! Let us know in the comments about what you thought of the exhibit!


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