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10 Facts About The VIParolaz Family

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

Photo Source: Blurred Line Photography for The VIParolaz

10. Our friends and family usually refer to us as "ShAndy"! 9. Shannon used to work as a performer in Las Vegas for Cirque Du Soleil. 8. Andy used to be a professional Long Drive Golf Champion. 7. The first pop Andy ever received was 2013 SDCC Rick Grimes. 6. Crush McLovin has been diabetic since 2008. We are up every morning at 5AM for food and shot and home at 5pm every night. 5. Our first date was to see Brokeback Mountain at Andy's suggestion. He has no idea what the movie was about because it has just came out. All he knew was it got "rave reviews." 4. Shannon was diagnosed with Celiac in 2012. Our house is an entirely gluten free zone. 3. Our favorite place for a day adventure is San Francisco which is 45 minutes away from us. Santa Cruz, Capitola, & Monterey (aka The Beach) come in a close second. 2. Marvel shares a birthday month and middle name with her Poobah and Uncle. 1. "The VIParolaz" comes from an inside family joke. It stands for "The Very Important Parola". The Z at the end is an tribute to Shannon's maiden name Zimmerman.


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