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Funko & Pez: When Collectibles Collide

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

It came as no shock to Funatics in December 2017 when Funko announced it would be partnering up with Pez to launch a Pop! Pez Collection line. After all, it was a mix of old school collectibles and current collectibles. Plus, Funko CEO Brian Mariotti is huge Pez collector himself. It wasn't until July 2018 at Funko's annual Fun Days event that we finally got to see this new line. Fans across the world watched during a live stream of the event as Fun Days attendees were given the first ever Pop! Pezs that come in four different color variations. The only way to get these limited edition Freddy Funko Pezs was to attend the event, buy it from vendors like Gemini Collectibles, or have really awesome friends. We were lucky enough to come across our purple Freddy Pez from The Goodman family for Andy's birthday in August. Freddy Funko Pez was fans first taste of the craziness that was soon to come.

Captain Crunch Funko Pop! Pez via

Not long after SDCC, Captain Crunch Pez was all the craze because they were being released as a Target exclusive. For the most part, in each display box of Pez there is only one chase Pez. The rest of the display box is the "common" Pez of that series. Most people know that scoring a Target Exclusive Funko is hard enough as is for collectors, but adding Pez collectors to the mix has made it madness. This was also during the time that the Funko Ad Icons started hitting stores as well. So Target started implementing rules such a "street dates" and limits per person with only certain locations actually following through. It wasn't uncommon to start seeing a line outside of Targets in the wee hours of the morning from people wanting to get their hands on them. In the first wave with Captain Crunch, Funko and Pez also released his nemesis and friends as well. In September, collectors were surprised with a DC Comics set that including Batman, Chase Pink Batman, Robin, and the Joker. Bob Ross even got his own Pez version too. Weeks later, a Marvel line was released through Box Lunch and Hot Topic. Stan Lee got his own Pez along with a variety of Marvel characters. Marvel Comics already had a line with Pez previously because we used the regular ones as favors for our wedding. The new Funko Pez line for Marvel features much different characters this time around. Deadpool actually got quite a few variations, and one is still eluding us.

Marvel Funko Pop Pez via

Wave Two of Funko Pez are in the process of being released right now or will be released relatively soon. This time around there is quite a variety in licenses obtained. Doctor Who will get four different Pez including Fourth Doctor, Tenth Doctor, Eleventh Doctor, and the new Thirteenth Doctor. They are expected to be released sometime this month. Even though Disney and Star Wars have licenses previously with Pez like Marvel Comics, they will be getting their own Funko treatment as well. There will be five different Nightmare before Christmas Pezs to add to your collection. Star Wars will also release a Greedo and Bossk with this wave. A Jawa and Tusken Raider will join them with the third wave. Don't worry Gamers will not be left out because they will get Mega Man, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Crash Bandicoot Pezs in wave two as well.

Gold Marvel Funko Pop Pez via The

Wave Three will continue to add to the number of Funko Pezs available. Hanna-Barbera will be a large part of this wave. Huckleberry Hound will not get one but six different color variations that will be exclusives through the Funko Shop. The red version will be a 1 out of 6 chase that's available with the light blue common. Huckleberry Hound won't be the only Hanna-Barbera character transformed into Pez, but Snagglepuss, Secret Squirrel and Morocco Mole will also be joining him. Not to be left out, everyone's favorite Golden Girls will be handing out PEZ Candy soon. To finish out the third wave, Pop! PEZ Pals are coming to Funko Shop each with a chase. You will have a choice between a boy with cap, firefighter, and police officer. While there are no other Pez releases announced as of yet, there is no doubt there will be a slew of them coming soon. Just last week, Funko surprised shoppers with a release of Gold Loki, Thor, and Hulk as a set. Pez and Funko collectors alike can't get enough of these sweet candy holders. Which Funko Pez is your favorite so far? Which Funko Pop would you want them to make in Pez form? Let us know in the comments and don't forget to hashtag your collection with #TheVIParolaz so we can see it too!


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