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Figuring out childcare for your family can be a daunting and scary task. It doesn't have to be though, and that's where I come in. I have spent 15+ years as a career nanny, night nurse, and household manager in Silicon Valley working with a wide variety of families. I've been lucky to work with first responders, corporate executives, families with special needs, and children with life-threatening allergies. Over the past decade, I've helped parents figure out the best choices for their children and navigate through the nanny hiring process. After I became a mom myself in October 2019, I intended to go back to work as the local super nanny taking my daughter with me, but COVID-19 prevented me. I found myself at home answering numerous emails and phone calls from families and nannies in a panic over their current childcare situation. 

Thus how VIP Childcare Coaching was born. 

My philosophy 

is that every family is unique and different. What works for one family may not work for another. I strive to help families and nannies find a system that works best for them so everyone can thrive. 

During this current time of COVID, whatever you and your family have to do to survive and get through this is OKAY! No one is or should be judging you. As a childcare coach, I'm am here to help you figure out the BEST option for your family. Whether that's going back to daycare, finding a nanny, or creating a pod with friends, we will figure it out.

I help parents :

  • figure out a childcare option that works for their family during this COVID-19 crisis and beyond. This includes: discussing staying at home, assistance from friends & family, daycares, nanny, nanny shares, au pairs, or group pods. 

  • lockdown their top priorities and needs for their children

  • navigate the hiring/search process. This could include: creating a job posting, applicant review, finding acceptable centers with openings, interview prep, assisting with creating a contract, etc. 

  • troubleshoot problems or upcoming childcare situations like traveling or moving

  • find age-appropriate educational activities and places to keep children engaged

  • create family schedules that provide harmony and flow to household

  • offer tips and tricks to solve common parenting problems

  • be the mediator when nanny/caregiver problems arise

  • get advice or ask "stupid questions" without judgment from a fellow parent and nanny. 

If you are ready to MAster Your childcare situation, schedule time with me now

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